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Care Alerts

Patient-friendly post-summaries:
Simplified insights after each visit.

Lab/Radiology Results:
No more jargon. Just clear, actionable insights.

Medication Adherence:
Intelligent reminders that adapt to patient behaviors.

PGHD Sharing:
A seamless way to share patient-generated health data.

Secure Messaging:
Direct, hassle-free communication between patients and providers.


My Health

Quick & Secure Access:
Dive into your health data with unmatched speed and security.

Healthcare Network Integration:
A unified platform bridging all practices.

Wearable Device Integration:
Sync with devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit for real-time vitals monitoring.



Intuitive Summaries:
Get to the heart of your medical visits without the clutter.

Provider’s Treatment Plans:
Understand your treatment trajectory with easy-to-grasp outlines.

Efficient Highlighting:
Focus on what truly matters, ensuring you’re always informed and prepared.


Lab & Radiology Insights

De-cluttered Information:
Cut through the medical jargon with straightforward explanations of your lab and radiology results.

Educational Material:
Easy-to-understand materials related to your health condition that help you better manage your daily life.

Lifestyle Recommendations:
Get personalized advice that aligns with your health trends, helping you make lifestyle choices that foster better well-being.


Medication Adherence & Refills

Enhanced Medication Adherence:
Effortlessly log and monitor your medication schedule with our intuitive interface for better health outcomes.

Reminder Set-Up:
Personalized reminders so you never miss your medication.

Real-time Notifications:
Timely alerts to keep your medication schedule on track.

Smart Recommendations:
Get notified about low or expiring medication stocks automatically.

In-app Refills:
Order refills right in the app-quick and hassle-free.

Medical Adherence

Secure Messaging

Instant, Secure Connections:
Directly connect with your all your care team members through a consolidated messaging system, designed to maintain patient privacy while enabling real-time communication.

Care Coordination:
Ensure timely discussions with smart message delivery, so information reaches the right healthcare provider when it matters most.

Elevated Patient Experiences:
Through efficient communication, enhance patient satisfaction by keeping them informed and involved in their care journey.


Medical Mind Notifications

AI-Powered Insights offer alerts for preventive care and Gaps-In-Care. Alerts are based on clinical records analysis and changing health information (recently received lab report).

Whether it’s an alert for disease prediction, your medication is running low, or an abnormal lab result has just come in.

You’ll not only be notified but also prompted to take action in collaboration with your care team.


Family & Care-Giver Access

Proxy Access:
Brings your family and loved one’s health records together, making it simpler to manage appointments, prescriptions, and more.

Multiple Profile Handling:
Easily toggle between profiles to track each family member’s health status, from children to elderly relatives.

Convenience and Clarity:
Save time and reduce hassle by centralizing health management in one user-friendly platform.


Streamlined Payments

Co-Pay Convenience:
Navigate through your co-pay responsibilities with ease, ensuring that you are always up-to-date with minimal effort.

Insurance Simplified:
Consolidate all your insurance information, from policy details to claim statuses, in one accessible place, giving you a clear view of your coverage.

Instant Notifications:
Stay informed with instant alerts on new charges, upcoming bills, and successful transactions, keeping you in control of your financial commitments.


Unified Care-Delivery

Digital Check-In:
Begin your visit with a hassle-free digital check-in process. Fill out necessary medical forms, and prepare for your appointment right from your smartphone.

Effortless Appointment Booking:
Schedule, cancel and edit your appointments with ease though our online booking system. Access calendars, select your preferred time slots, and receive immediate confirmation for your visit.

Post-Visit Engagement:
Stay engaged with your health journey through digital platforms. Access visit summaries, educational content, and receive personalized health tips to support your recovery and wellness.


Gaps in Care

AI Health Screening:
Medical Mind our AI engine, analyzes your medical history and risk factors to provide bespoke health screening.

Preventive Care:
Proactive health management is now at your fingertips, with personalized care aimed at early detection and prevention.

Health Monitoring:
Stay ahead of potential health concerns with dynamic monitoring that adapts as your health needs evolve over time.


Personalized Education

Customized Learning:
Discover content specifically curated to align with your medical condition, tests, upcoming procedures, and medications.

Rich Media Library:
Dive into our expansive collection of articles and videos, all designed to provide you with deeper insights into your health care journey.

Interactive Learning:
Engage with interactive tools that help reinforce understanding and retention of health-related information.



Health Tracking:
Stay informed about key health metrics like BMI, blood pressure, and SpO2. Our intuitive interface makes self-monitoring simple and accurate.

Trend Analysis:
Visualize your health over time with trend graphs. Watch the progression of your vitals to understand your health journey better.

Our platform not only tracks your vitals but also empowers you with the knowledge to understand and manage them.

Data Sharing:
Share your vital statistics with healthcare providers or loved ones in just a few taps, fostering collaborative care management.


Conversational AI

24/7 Q&A Support:
CureDoc is here to provide answers anytime, helping you understand your health better.

Real-Time Treatment Updates:
Keep track of your health journey with instant updates from CureDoc, ensuring you’re always informed about your treatment plan.

Hassle-Free Appointments:
Scheduling made simple. CureDoc assists with booking your appointments quickly and efficiently.


Check-in KIOSK

Enhance patient check-in and payment process!
CureMD KIOSK allows patients to quickly and easily check-in at the front desk, pay their co-payments using a credit card, scan insurance ID cards, and update their photo and demographics information. Our KIOSK automatically synchronizes with CureMD EHR, allowing for real-time information status updates with regard to patient arrivals and payments.

Improve patient care with our care management software with integrity patient portal. Let us show you how! Enabling better care & solving the problem that drives everything else-knowing who is.

CureMD KIOSK EHR for large medical practices will tremendously cut down time spent by your staff on mundane tasks like patient check-in and collecting co-pays. By freeing up their time, you can assign the staff to other important tasks – streamlining operations and improving the quality of service to your patients.

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