Empower patients and physicians for a seamless, efficient healthcare experience.

Deliver Quality Care, Anytime, Anywhere.

Face-to-face Care, Anywhere


Instantly connect without app downloads or logins to a high-definition audio and video virtual care experience.


Automated reminders, a virtual waiting room, and live messaging make receiving care at home or office a comfortable and convenient fit for any schedule.


Adapt your care approach with a system that tracks patients and allows team members to join or leave as needed, all tailored to your practice's unique process.


Engage in collaborative care from multiple locations, with capabilities for individual or care team participation, integrated with features like online booking, digital intake, payments, and real-time charting.

Unified Clinical Data


Instantly access the patient’s medical history and current conditions for more effective care visits. We enable access via EHR integration or via our live integrations with National HIEs.


Experience seamless visits through secure, instant access to clinical information, using direct EHR integration or real-time connections with National Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).

Intake that Patients Love


Ensure HIPAA compliance and confidentiality with world-class security measures.


All shared messages, files, and records are strictly confidential, accessible only to the patient and provider.


Superior security standards delivered through AWS cloud data centers including HITRUST certification, robust intrusion prevention and detection, and thorough system auditing.


Robust security through a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with a dedicated firewall, 256-bit SSL encryption both at rest and in transit, compliance with ISO 270015, 270176, 270187, and 90018 certifications along with PCI DSS9 standards, and role-based access control.

“I’ve found the telehealth platform to be a game changer in urgent care. It’s reduced wait times, improved patient satisfaction, and helped us reach patients who might have otherwise gone without care. It’s indispensable for managing patient flow and accessibility efficiently.”

Dr. Simone Clark Reproductive Endocrinologist

“Using this telehealth software has significantly enhanced the continuity of care in my practice. It allows for closer monitoring and more frequent engagement with my patients, especially those with chronic conditions, without the limitations of physical location.”

Dr. Alex Freeman
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

“This software has been incredible for pediatric care. It reduces children’s anxiety by allowing them to be in their home environment during consultations. It simplifies healthcare access for parents and ensures secure, effective care delivery.”

Dr. Rachel Stein
Interventional Cardiologist

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