Elevate Your Patient Experience


Automatic reminders via text or emails to ensure seamless check-in


Ensure accessibility and convenience with patient's preferred language support

Any Device

Empower patients with a convenient check-in experience using their preferred device, whether it's at home, in the car, or in your office


With a simple 'I am here' click upon arrival, patients notify staff to initiate the clinical intake process

Automate & Integrate Data Capture


Capture clinical data directly into your EHR* for a streamlined workflow that saves patients and staff time
• Allergies
• Medications
• Medical History
• Surgical History
• Family History
• Social History


Patients love our easy-to-use interface to go through the check-in process on their own

*may vary based on the level of integration allowed by your EHR

Simplified Consent Process


Streamline your consent forms – from prompting appropriate forms for patient’s digital signatures, to securely storing them in your PM or EHR* without staff involvement


Use your custom consent forms or choose from comprehensive templates
• Informed Consent
• Questionnaire
• and more…


Shift to digital consent to significantly cut manual tasks and the risk of errors

*may vary based on the level of integration allowed by your EHR

Payments on Autopilot


Patients can easily add their insurance information including picture, leading to automated validation of eligibility and benefits coverage


Collect co-pays, deductibles, and balances, and keep a card-on-file for future payments. Patients pay their copay or balances based on their insurance, saving your staff time

“Integrating digital check-in software into our urgent care facility has transformed our patient intake process. It’s streamlined operations, significantly cutting down wait times and enhancing overall patient satisfaction.”

Dr. Ethan Roberts
Medical Oncologist

“The adoption of digital check-in software in my practice has revolutionized the way we manage patient visits. It has facilitated a smoother, more efficient process, allowing us to spend more quality time with each patient.“

Dr. Isabella Torres
Pediatric Neurologist

“Implementing digital check-in software in our pediatric clinic has made a world of difference. It’s made visits less intimidating for our young patients and more manageable for their parents. The software is user-friendly and has improved the efficiency of our operations.”

Dr. Lucas Smith

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