The Mission

Our mission is to provide intuitive, patient-centered solutions that enhance the quality of care and make healthcare more accessible and efficient. Our team of passionate innovators and healthcare professionals are committed to making a real difference in people’s lives. 

Why Choose Leap Health

Our organizations are trusted by over 4,500 healthcare organizations, reflecting our commitment to quality and reliability.
We leverage the latest technology to deliver solutions that are not only effective but also intuitive and easy to use.
Our focus is always on the patient. We believe in empowering patients to take an active role in their healthcare, leading to better outcomes.

Join Us on Our Journey

Patient Journeys Powered by Leap

Imagine a healthcare journey redefined by Leap’s innovative solutions, seamlessly integrating technology and care to enhance both patient experience and practice efficiency.

The Beginning: Discovering Care
Jayne, a health-conscious individual seeking quality healthcare, starts her journey. She discovers a local healthcare provider with outstanding online reviews that were elevated through Reputation Management system. This platform has helped the clinic maintain a stellar online presence, making it easy for Jayne to trust their services.

Scheduling with Ease
Jayne uses the Online Patient Scheduling system on the practice website to book her appointment. This user-friendly tool allows her to choose a time that fits her busy schedule, avoiding back-and-forth phone calls.

Intelligent Engagement: Patient Chat
Jayne is guided through the next steps in her patient journey using Patient Chat. This AI tool keeps him connected with her care team, offering real-time support and answers to her queries, enhancing her overall healthcare experience.

The Digital Check-In Experience
Jayne enjoys the convenience of Digital Check-In anytime prior to her appointment. She completes necessary information online, reducing her wait time and streamlining the check-in process at the clinic. The staff saves hours managing intake paperwork.

Telehealth: Remote Consultation
A few weeks later, Jayne needs a follow-up consultation but has a tight schedule. She opts for a remote session using the Telehealth service. This provides him with the flexibility to consult her doctor from anywhere, saving him travel time and fitting seamlessly into her day.

Finding Specialized Care
When Jayne needs to consult a specialist, she turns to the Find Care Marketplace. This comprehensive platform helps him find the right specialist for her specific health and insurance needs, ensuring she receives the best possible care.

The Outcome: A Satisfied Patient and an Efficient Practice
Jayne’s journey with Leap exemplifies a modern healthcare experience — efficient, patient-centered, and technology-driven. For the healthcare provider, these solutions not only streamline operations but also enhance patient satisfaction and trust, leading to better health outcomes and practice growth.

Intelligent Appointment Syncing

We are on a mission to elevate the patient-provider relationship, and we invite you to join us. Whether you are a healthcare provider looking to improve your services or a patient seeking better healthcare experiences,

Leap Health is here for you.
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